Trading Ideas In Play – Apr 19 12:42:47

An inability to capitalize on the good earnings news is a function of several factors:Stretched valuations ahead of the reportsThe halting consideration that the broader market isnt advancing on good earnings newsGrowing concerns about the vitality of the U.S. economy, which has left participants reluctant to accept upbeat guidance at face valueThe heightened political uncertainty […]

5G Mobile Networks: The Next Big Battleground – | Patents & Patent Law

The number of patents and key underlying technologies for 5G mobile networks will evolve significantly within next 5 years. However, early analysis shows that Qualcomm will still be the IP leader but may be not as dominant as in 4G-LTE. The device makers like Apple, Samsung, and Lenovo are also working on 5G IP development […]

It’s not about what happened today, it’s about what will happen tomorrow that counts.

Trump and the Republican’s failed effort to overturn and replace Obamacare- Contrary to popular opinion, that’s a bullish development. The CBO estimates repeal and replace would save the Government $323 billion over 10 years. That’s a big withdrawal of money from the economy and would be the opposite of a stimulus. Moving on to tax […]