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MBI hot hot ticket today

Classic case of massive insider buying, doubting and mounting short position, legal wrangling with huge implications.   We loaded with  call options limiting our losses but taking the full upside for at least a while.  Apparently no one really knows the future earning potential of this company as well as the people running it who see […]

Soda Sodastream 10 Bagger

This is truly a disruptive company.  What I mean by that is that this Company, SODA, has the potential to destroy CocaCola and Pepsi’s business model.  I know that is a strong statment and I don’t own a lot of this stock yet but I am a big user of their product and I haven’t […]

I’m a big fan of Apple but I’m buying Dell

Dell is cheap, insider buying, and the rumored possibility Michael Dell may take the company private although that makes no sense to me unless he is just fed up answering investor questions.    I think Dell is a cash cow and you can make more money with Dell over the next six months than Apple.  I […]

Muni bond debacle

Muni bonds in the last three weeks have fallen out of bed. Normally I disdain these investments but we are nibbling at multiple Invesco Van Kampen funds yielding an amazing 8%. Symbols include VMO,VGM, VIM, VKI, and VCV. We expect to not only pick up the units dividend on 12-12, we expect to make some short […]

Bank Stocks

They looked oversold and we have been nibling at them making a little money, losing a little money. Yesterday as soon as the WSJ broke a story about the Fed allowing them to start offering dividends again, we jumped in with both feet. We especailly hit Bank of America hard on the option front loading […]